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Mae Rumphueng Beach Condo Properties

The Top Mae Rumphueng Beach Condos

Where to stay. Which condo property has the largest balconies. Which has the best pool. Which is closest to the top Rayong beach restaurants. All the information that you need to know before you decide where to buy your Rayong beach condo.

Aerial view of Mae Rumphueng Beach condos for rent by Derek Freal of The HoliDaze

Spacious balcony at The Royal Rayong on Mae Rumphueng Beach in Thailand

The Royal Rayong

24 stories tall and one of the most popular of the top 5 Mae Rumphueng Beach condo properties. Has a gorgeous pool plus breathtaking beach and sea views. Even the small one-bedroom condos here are a sprawling 57m² -- and The Royal Rayong has the fanciest exercise room of all five. Best part? The famous Pizzeria Sofia is located directly in front of The Royal Rayong 😉

VIP Condos

The tallest condo building on Mae Rumphueng Beach is VIP Condominiums, most often simply referred to as VIP Condos. (Not to be confused with VIP Condo Chain, the private gated beachfront house community a few hundred metres down the road.) Located next to The Royal Rayong. Directly in front of VIP is the delicious Thanom Kitchen, which has the largest menu of any restaurant within 10km 😍

View from New Worlds Condos on Mae Rumphueng Beach in Rayong, Thailand

New World Condos

In the past New World only allowed Thai owners, however all that changed a few years ago. Now foreigners can purchase condos here too. It is the farthest west of the top 5 Mae Rumphueng Beach condo properties -- the sunset view here has zero buildings to distract from the beauty 😎

Rayong Condochain

Jokingly nicknamed "the cruise ship" Rayong Condochain is the only tall Mae Mae Rumphueng Beach condominium complex that stretches horizontally, not just vertically. Because of it's unique shape and positioning, beach condos here all come with a forest view -- either sunrise side, facing Ko Samet National Park, or sunset side, facing White Rocks Courtyard 🌴

Sea, Sand And Sun

Sea Sand And Sun condo for sale on Mae Rumphueng Beach in Rayong, Thailand

The newest multi-story condo property around, Sea Sand And Sun is just a few hundred metres from the the beach. The pool and all the units here are brand new, which means every one is still in perfect condition. There are no "renovation ready" condos for sale here 🌊

Victory View Condos

The most budget-friendly condos on Mae Rumphueng Beach, Victory View is 6 separate 8 floor buildings surrounding a pool. (Although in all fairness, the pool is drained and is broken, pending repair -- regardless all of our Victory View condos are on the exterior and have forest / beach view 🏖️